South Island Super Saloon Series

About the Vertex Super Cup

The VERTEX SUPER CUP Series is open to Super Saloons in the South Island of New Zealand.
The Series involves 7 rounds at different tracks across the South Island during the 2017/18 season.
With the Series winner being crowned VERTEX SUPER CUP Champion at our annual prizegiving in June.
These Super Saloon racecars are on the cutting edge of technology in construction and are powered by 700 + horsepower V-8 engines based on the Chevy and Ford power plants. Nothing is "standard" about these $70,000+ machines that provide dirt slinging, sideways, door-to-door racing action lap after lap.

The "in your face" excitement of a VERTEX SUPER CUP Series event is second to none in motorsports!
Previous Super Cup Series have provided race fans with some of the most exciting and entertaining events seen in recent seasons. Over 20 teams vie for the Super Cup each season, with them being split into groups to race through the heats and secure a spot in the "Shoot Out". The Shoot Out sees the top 8 drivers vie for "Hot Shot" status.
From there it's a 30 lap handicap feature with a twist! The highest points scorer on the night starts from the rear of the grid and gets to choose which driver starts beside him. That driver then chooses the next and so on.
This system of each driver selecting who starts next on the grid can create several exciting events occuring during the feature race. A person who struggled throughout the heats now gets an opportunity to start nearer the front of the grid while those towards the rear get further opportunities for extra passing points.

A new promotions concept for this season sees the introduction of the “X Factor Cars Challenge”.
The “Challenge” is for the “Hot Shot” only who in theory, can be deemed to be the fastest and possibly the highest points scorer for the night so far.
His challenge is to Win the Feature to get his hands on the oversize signboard cheque to the value of $500.
One of these cheques will be up for grabs at each of the 7 rounds of the Vertex Super Cup.
The committee and teams wish to thank X Factor Cars for their committment to the Vertex Super Cup this season.

Trophies will be presented to the top 3 feature place getters plus a limited edition Vertex Super Cup Checkered Flag for the feature winner to keep.
A Round Winners board is also presented to the driver with the highest combined points for that round.

All heat and feature points are accumulated at each round with the highest points scorer after all 7 rounds being crowned the "Vertex Super Cup Champion".
The Series is raced over 7 events in 2017/18 which includes visits to Invercargill, Christchurch, Dunedin, Cromwell, Blenheim and Nelson for the big finals weekend.
Our promotions trailer has proven to be very popular with race fans with product from Vertex Lubricants available as well as our very own Vertex Super Cup T Shirts.
Don't miss the opportunity to catch these methanol breathing Super Saloons when they hit your town!

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Ray Stewart

Vertex Super Cup
2016/17 Champion

Peter Dickson

NZ Super Saloon
2016/17 Champion

Richie Taylor

NZ Super Saloon
1st Runner Up

Shane McIntyre

NZ Super Saloon
2nd Runner Up

Race Calendar

3-4 Nov 2017

Opening round of the Vertex Super Cup at Riverside Speedway on Friday 3rd Nov. Followed by the Southland Champs on Saturday 4th Nov.

2 Dec 2017

A single night of racing at Woodford Glen Speedway for Round 2 of the Vertex Super Cup.
Always a popular venue!

26 Jan 2018

Now it's down to Dunedin for Round 3 of the Vertex Super Cup. Another excellent track surface which produces somes close racing for our drivers!

27 Jan 2018

Night 2 for the weekend sees the convoy head to Cromwell for Round 4 of the Vertex Super Cup. What a way to complete a very busy month!

16-17 Feb 2018

With the South Island Championship on Friday and Round 5 of the Vertex Super Cup on Saturday, this will need the teams on their A Game!

2-3 March 2018

A double header final weekend at one of the best driver rated tracks in the country. Rounds 6 & 7 will see our Vertex Super Cup Champion emerge!

Vertex Super Cup Drivers

Entrants 2016/2017    
Car# Driver Name Profile Car
5t Daryl Ainsley
6c Kane Lawson
11t Peter Dickson
12t Paul Wright
12n Shane Carey
17i Craig Phillips
21n Ian Burson
25i Kerry Dixon
26t Shane McIntyre
27c Trevor Elliott
34t Ray Stewart
35n Mark Carey
Entrants 2016/2017 Cont...    
Car# Driver Name Profile Car
41m Terry Corin
47i Lloyd Phillips
58c Richie Taylor
73c Mark Grocott
76c Paul Berg
77t Greig Johnston
95i Owen Dixon
99i Grant Molloy  
492i Campbell McManaway
811c Roger Nees
891c Josh Boulton

Vertex Super Cup Results


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promotions MANAGER:
roger nees
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Committee Member:
Ariana Daniel
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SUPER CUP Finances:
Christine Hocken
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SUPER CUP Race Director:
John Hocken
Phone (027)211-9971 Email

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