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Results - Round 2

2016-2017 Vertex Super Cup Results - Round 2 Woodford Glen Speedway 3rd December 2016.

Stewart claims feature win while Taylor banks round 2 points

By Roger Nees

Round 2 saw the Vertex Super Cup converge on Christchurch and with a total field of 26 cars this meeting was always going to be a scorcher!
The day started with a driver meet & greet plus car display which coincided with Kaiapoi's Carnival Day and Xmas Parade. A lot of people were on hand to check out some of the cars and promotional material on offer.

The promotions team at Woodford Glen had a busy night scheduled for race fans and drivers alike with Superstock Teams plus the annual Fireworks display on the programme. Now thats a whole lot of value right there for anyones weekend entertainment dollar!

The Vertex Super Cup drivers were straight into the action with 21n Ian Burson taking the first heat win from pole position. Setting the fastest lap of of the race Burson was only a tenth of a second off his own Woodford Glen lap record. Chasing him across the checkered were 58c Richie Taylor, 34t Ray Stewart and 27c Trevor Elliott.

Heat 2 saw the Mainfreight sponsored duo 11t Peter Dickson &12t Paul Wright from Cromwell chasing down 12n Shane Carey for the win. It is great to see Shane back behind the wheel again after a season off. Carey had to settle for second though after Dickson grasped the win on the final lap with Wright and local hotshoe 6c Kane Lawson trailing them home. A noteable non finisher in this heat was north islander 41m Terry Corin who did considerable damage to the drivetrain of his Pro X car which left him sidelined for the rest of the night. Hopefully his string of bad luck changes before the NZ Champs in January.

Heat 3 proved to be a turning point in the nights racing for several racers. 76c Paul Berg, 48c Gavin Hill and the always immaculate 891c Hypermac of Josh Boulton all out of the race after stockpiling themselves at turn one. Don't know how they managed it but they needed tow truck assistance to sort the mess out before watching the race from the infield along with other non-finshers 25i Kerry Dixon and Wright. Racing off with the win was relative new-comer to Super Saloons 17c Ryan Marsden piloting the Lovelady team car. Burson and Stewart completed the podium after starting the race further back in the pack earning them both good points.

In heat 4 Elliott got the better of 492i Campbell McManaway for the win with 5t Daryl Ainsley scoring third place. No major incidents in this race except 811c Roger Nees ending up nosed into the turn two wall after a bingle with 25i Owen Dixon for the minor placings. All cars still finishing to collect valuable points.

Heat 5 however was a different story for Nees who at race start from grid two drove straight into the turn one concrete without even looking like turning. Loss of brakes was the cause and this left that team with plenty of work to do if they were to make the grid for the 30 lap feature. Marsden snatched the lead from the restart and never looked back setting the fastest lap along the way before taking a comfortable win from Hill and Dixon.

Lawson made the most of his front row start in heat 6 and mid distance set the fastest lap of the race. Taylor made good in this one and from his grid 8 start made excellent passes to finish second. A very happy 88n Dave Manera took the last podium spot and after a few seasons away from the sport this is definitely good progress for Manera's return.

Burson and Taylor were top on points after the heat races and were to line up on the front row for the 30 lap feature. Directly behind on the start grid were Stewart, Lawson, Ainsley, Marsden and Elliott. However Taylor chose to run the gauntlet and head to the rear of the field to chase those extra bonus and passing points. The start was "interesting" with cars distributed unevenly around the track and many drivers caught out by the untimely green light! However this meant a clean incident free start and drivers quickly set into a rhythm. Taylor was setting about passing cars as he does best, but Boulton's car suffering from earlier damage spun in turn one. This resulted in the closely chasing Burson having nowehere to go and their cars colliding sending both of them to the infield. At the restart Stewart just took off as Lawson seemed to struggle as if his cars set-up wasn't quite right. Ainsley maintained second for most of the midrace laps however he also petered out having to eventually settle for fourth overall. Similar to this was Elliott who after holding third for so long also dropped back to finish fifth. Capitalising on these front placing exchanges were the young guns Marsden and Dickson. Chipping away and being at the sharp end towards the checkered paid off big time with Marsden second overall and Dickson taking the final podium spot. Congratulations to Ray for his feature race win and the associated Vertex Super Cup checkered flag, and to Ryan and Peter for their respective trophy hawls.

Taylor's decision to start from the rear meant he banks very valuable points and leads the series chase with Burson and Stewart not too far behind. Things are gonna heat up in rounds 3 & 4 in Cromwell later in the season. Meantime have a great Christmas and New Year everyone. Drive Safely!

From Ray Stewart

Post Meeting Report supplied by Round 2 Feature Winner Ray Stewart

We arrived at Woodford Glen right on three o’clock and damn, the pits were chock full of super saloons and after a couple of drivebys we managed to squeeze in at the far end. In the eight years of the Elf and now Vertex Super Cup, this was the most supers ever with 26 cars entered for the second round of the Vertex Super Cup.
Split into four groups of 6-7 cars, each heat race had 13-14 cars that made for good size fields.
A new car and still looking for setups was challenging when racing amongst so many speedsters and not a good time to experiment with changes. We managed two third placings and a 5th for grid 3 for the final behind the two guns, Burs, and Richie who chose to take the option starting off the rear.
Our North Island import Terry Corin, started off fast in his first heat but then pulled off into the infield having broken a lift bar which in turn wrecked the drive shaft plus all that other stuff and unfortunately Terry was out for the rest of the night. Hopefully it don’t come in three’s.
With not a lot of time between each heat we managed to watch a few heat races and the speed of the cars. Watching 6C Kane Lawson pull away from the field in one of his heats left me thinking how the heck do we match that! Or what about newby Ryan Marsden in 17C taking 2 wins plus second in the feature.
What a great track they gave us, no dust, plenty of drive, no terrace to climb over or ruts to shake your teeth out. The 30 lap feature race held up until the last 5 or so laps when the corners really slicked off and throttle control became the fast way around the track. This would be the best track at the Glen in several years that I remember so a credit to the team. 
Unfortunately for the last heat race, the fireworks had to be finished by a certain time so heat 6 saw the cars come back off the track and wait until after the fireworks to get their race started.  The result was the final race grid positions were not known until we were on the track.   
At 11:21pm the green light came on catching most of us off guard and several cars shot by before I realised we were racing. Three laps in and Burs starting off the front, ended up with a damaged car after tangling with another and on the restart he pulled off leaving us in first position that we held to the finish. The crew chief made some wee changes unknown to the pilot but we ended up with a reasonably nice balanced car. Its been a long time since we have had a good run at the Glen and that chequered flag was certainly a pleasure to hold.
Congratulations to the other 25 drivers for racing clean throughout the night. From what I see and understand, most of the stoppages were caused by mechanical breakdowns.
A big thank you to Trevor and Flash who manage the series but also must jump in their cars and concentrate on racing. I know what its like.
See you’s at the NZ Champs in Cromwell, merry xmas to all.
34T - Ray Stewart

From Richie Taylor

Post Meeting Report supplied by Round 2 Points Winner Richie Taylor

On Saturday we had Round 2 of the Vertex Super Cup at Woodford Glen Speedway in Christchurch with 26 Super Saloons ready to go at it. I managed to put together 3 decent heat races passing cars in each heat which set me up as top qualifier for the feature. I chose to run from the back to get the bonus points and see how far up I could get. After one of the most “interesting” race starts I’ve had I managed to race my way up to a 6th place finish, so a great haul of points for the Vertex Super Cup.

Congrats to the top 3 place getters in the feature race – Ray Stewart 1st, Ryan Marsden 2nd, Peter Dickson 3rd.

Cheers, Richie