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2016-2017 Vertex Super Cup Results - Round 1 Riverside Speedway 4th Nov 2016.

Boulton Claims Victory In Vertex Feature

By Daryl Shuttleworth
Photos Debs Race

Christchurch's Josh Boulton got home by the skin of his teeth to claim victory in the first Vertex feature race of the season, while Ian Burson of Nelson claimed the round win at The Rock Fm Riverside Speedway in Invercargill.
The MTF Invercargill sponsored event was in some doubt as steady rain fell throughout the day, but the weather gods came to the party and produced ideal weather and track conditions for the field of over twenty Super Saloons.
In heat one Burson showed his class early and put of a faultless display of driving to pull away from the pack and take a comfortable race win from Christchurch's Ritchie Taylor who run a tight battle all race with Invercargill's Owen Dixon.
Dixon made numerous attempts to slip by Taylor, but Taylor defended well to secure second.
Heat two of round one was also a tight affair with Josh Boulton banking the early points with a race win over a fast finishing Mark "Fluffy" Grocott of Christchurch who won the feature at Riverside last season and Ray Stewart of Cromwell in his new Hypermac charging home a close third, both heats in round one went incident free.
Round two, heat one saw Mark Carey of Nelson start from pole and drive away with a comfortable race win, the track slowly starting to slicken off seemed to be working in Carey's favor. Burson started well back in the grid in this race but still managed to thread his way through the pack to claim second from Kerry Dixon of Invercargill third.
Round two heat two had Invercargill's Lloyd Phillips on debut in the Vertex Cup, starting from pole, unfortunatley a spin in turn one from Phillips led to a restart, this was the first of two times Phillips would bring out the yellow flag in the race, the second incident leading to contact between Paul Berg of Christchurch and Invercargill's Campbell McManaway who both took abrasive action to avoid taking out the entire mid pack.
At the restart it was a fierce battle between Terry Corin the only North Island competitor and Ricky Boulton of Dunedin who has stepped out of Super Stocks this season and joined the Vertex Cup, Boulton was pushing Corin hard mid race when he lost his outer rear wheel into the catch fence setting up the third restart of the heat.
When the green lights came on it was Corin who dominated from the front, cruising off to a much deserved win over Shane Carey of Nelson and Taylor in third, once again banking valuable points.
Heat three, race one once again saw Burson claim maximum points, Burson used the outside of the track to his advantage, kissing the wall on numerous occasions but outclassing his competitors to ensure he would carry the most points out of the heat racing. Grocott took second after an intense battle with Cromwell's Peter Dickson, another driver on debut in the Vertex Cup.
The final heat race of the evening bought the home crowd to its feet with another driver on debut Grant Molloy of Invercargill in just his third Super Saloon race holding off Shane Carey and Josh Boulton who have a vast amount more experience than the rookie. Molloy pulled away to a handy lead while Carey and Boulton swapped positions numerous times but Molloy thought his time at the front may be over when the yellow flag came out in an incident mid race.
Kerry Dixon who was fairing well in points, made heavy contact with the wall in turn one causing considerable damage to his car and putting him out for the evening.
At the restart Molloy got off to a flying start once again pulling away from the pack behind him, like earlier in the race the battle was for second and third with Carey and Boulton still fighting it out.
Molloy managed a popular win and one he will savour for some thime while Carey claimed second over Boulten.
The top eight pole shuffle was cancelled due to fading light so it was straight into the thirty lap feature, the front row was to consist of top points scorers Burson and Taylor but the pairing decided to run the gauntlet and start from the rear of the field as the Vertex Cup rewards drivers car amount of cars passed and this was a chance to bank some valuable points for the overall series rather that just the feature win.
This then put Grocott on the front row along side Shane Carey who set the early pace and led for a handfull of laps before Boulton made his move and skipped off into the distance.
Carey and Peter Dickson then got in a battle for third and fourth and eventually got passed McManaway who's car was fading fast, by this stage Boulton had the lenght of the straight lead and looked to be cruising.
Dickson made a move on Carey to sneak up to second and put an all out assult on Boulton but laps were running out fast.
Lloyd Phillips also impressed driving through the pack to contest for third place in a tight race with Carey.
Dickson started to eat into Boultons lead, with just two laps remaining Dixon was all over the back of Boulton waiting to pounce but Boulton defended with everything he had to hold off the rookie when the chequered flag dropped.
Dixon settled for second but certainly turned some heads in the process while Carey just managed to fend off Phillips for third.
Both Burson and Taylors efforts paid off as they banked vital points to give Burson the round win with 368.5 points over Taylor 347.5 points and Boulton third on 311 points.
The Vertex Super Cup now heads off to round two at Woodford Glen in Christchurch on December third.

Message from Meeting Sponsor Craig Hall of MTF Invercargill:
As a naming rights sponsor of the Vertex Cup, MTF Invercargill was certainly given more exposure than I expected on the Rock Radio station and more so on the night during racing.
We were given lots of opportunity to market our brand with give aways, our gazebo in the family area, and be part of the prize giving.
We were well supported by the organising committee of the Riverside Raceway club who understand the value of sponsors.
Craig Hall, MTF Invercargill

From Josh Boulton

Post Meeting Report from Feature Winner Josh Boulton:

Well 2.30pm driving into Invercargill in the rain thinking, we can’t be racing tonight but the awesome team at Riverside had the track prepped and ready to go by race time.
We had the 891 machine ready to roll and drew grid 2 for the first heat. Track was great with lots of drive out wide for those who wanted to find it. We got off to a great start and was able to lead all the way to the finish. It was the first race of the season in a full field and I had a few nerves, so really good to get that first run out of the way.
Heat 2 saw us off the rear. Had a blast in this race running up high, so was able to get our way to 3rd, in hind site I should have just settled for that but when you have the helmet on it’s all or nothing, well nothing it is then as we had to retire after having a tyre cut down.
Feature time saw us start 6th on the grid, track had dusted off a bit but the rubber had laid down and we still had a lot of drive. We managed to get to the front in a couple of laps and hold of the charging pack for 30 laps, seemed like 130 laps after a long off season:)
It’s great to have that first Vertex meeting under our belt and 3rd on points overall so far. The competition this year is better than ever and the Super Saloon grade is stronger than ever in the south. It is a real pleasure to run with these guys week in and week out and all the great people that make the Vertex Cup. Huge thanks to you all and to the great southerns from Riverside that make you feel so welcome from the time you hit the entry gate. Thanks also to my Mum who crew chiefs on my car and Dad and Adam that chuck the spanners at it. Roll on the next round at Woodford Glen.
Cheers Josh

From Ian Burson

Post Race Report supplied by Round 1 Points Winner Ian Burson:

1000 km later and a sore back side we arrived at Invercargill to a warm welcome of rain. Thank god it cleared for us hoons to go and do what we all love. For me it was going to be a challenge to even race in my condition, but you just have to soldier on. I was excited to race the new format, more laps means more time in the seat which should = results (I hope).
1st heat we were off grid 1 and pulled away from the field for a good win. Heat 2 started grid 8 and worked my way up to second which was unexpected, found the outside line was working so we used it. Another wicked result. Heat 3 was probably my favorite race of the night battling with a few cars to make my way up to 3rd then we were swapping positions with 25i Kerry Dixon for a number of laps. We got to 2nd behind Fluffy and he was using my part of the race track and thought I need to fox the Fluff. We followed him for a lap or 2 then I had a crack up the inside. No track to pull that move but it got Fluffy on the defensive and the next turn he dived for the pole line. I thought here's my chance and blew around the outside which was a cool feeling. Fluffy is no slouch and to pass him on the outside it was mission accomplished, another win for the team.
Feature time as the sun was setting, me and little big Richie decided to have a crack off the back. We got underway and battled a lap or so with Richie then he was on his way like a dog shot up the you know what. He was on a mission and I wasn't as bold as he was, he shot up the pack to 6th place and I got to 10th which was a good result for team Burs. It gave us a nice little buffer on points to start our Vertex Super Cup campaign. Congratulations to Josh, little Pete and Shane on your podiums they were well deserved especially Shane coming back from a major overhaul.
As for Saturday 1 heat got me and we decided it was best to park the car up before the driver totally destroyed himself. We'll that's my take on a successful night and like to thank Vertex for their continued support also Riverside Speedway for giving us a 2 lane race track to shine on.
To all the other competitors it was great to catch up and I can't wait to do it all again on the 3rd of December at Woodford Glen. So until next meet when we all catch up and flick dirt at the crowd keep busy in the shed because I find that's where you win or loose.
Cheers Burs 21n - Round 1 Winner Vertex Super Cup.