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Results - Round 3

2016-2017 Vertex Super Cup Results - Round 3 Central Motor Speedway 4th February 2017.

3nz Shane McIntyre takes both the Feature & Round Points wins for Round 3. Brought to you by X Factor Cars

Post Meeting Report By Shane McIntyre

The Vertex Super Cup, Round 3 for the 2016/17 season…. Round 1 for me in the past 2 years!! Things had changed a wee bit since the last time I raced in the series. The groups had gone from 2 groups to 4 groups. Now racing 3 heats instead of two. 
 But what hadn’t changed was the good hard racing between the great group of guys. On a track that I had called home for the last 4 years this was going to be one of the last times I would run the “T”. Starting towards the rear in the first heat, I knew I had a fair amount of work to do. I had missed the first two rounds of the Vertex Cup, so I was aiming to bank as many points as possible.

Heat 1, in 12th place, I moved up through the ranks, picking off the cars in front of me, eventually finishing in 7th place.

Heat 2, starting on the front row in 2, I knew I needed to get out in front early, and keep the lead to bank maximum points, and did so with a comfortable win. Top qualififier for the Pole Shufflfle. 6c Kane Lawson passed 34t Ray Stewart moving up a place, then he came to me….

Feature race, I had the option of heading to the rear, but decided to be a show pony and take the glory, the bonus points would have been great… but because I was out of the running for overall series leader, there was no point. Instead I took the outside line, starting on two. Getting the jump from the start was just the determination I needed to get things moving. The second half of the race saw the 1NZ of Peter Dickson challenging hard, but then lap traffic worked in our favour, I was able to take the chequered flag and round 3 win.
A very proud moment.