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Results - Round 4

2016-2017 Vertex Super Cup Results - Round 4 Central Motor Speedway 5th February 2017

From Peter Dickson

Post Meeting Report By 1nz Peter Dickson

After a very exciting Round 3 of the South Island Vertex Super Cup that saw the 3nz of Shane McIntyre and I battling out front the whole race, built the excitement for a another night of awesome racing for Round 4 again in Cromwell.

After repairing some minor damage after round 3 in the morning & giving the 1nz car a good wash down we loaded up and headed for the race track. Always enjoy racing at home at Central Motor Speedway and the support our PDPW Motorsport Team receive at trackside is always uplifting. The track was looking perfect for racing & we started Race 1 off grid 2, right beside the 3nz of Shane kicking off where we left it the night before set to be a wicked race! I managed to win the 1st Heat Race clearing away out front to take the checkers...

Heat 2 seen us start Grid 6 taking another Heat Race win...

Heat 3 we started deep off Grid 9 working our way through on the high line around the pack to finish 4th...

With the Heat Race points added up we were in the number 1 spot for the "Top 10 Pole Shuffle" which seen us go up against the 34t car of Ray Stewart. Got an awesome start and a good run on the high line down to turn 1 to take the Pole Shuffle win.

With points being so tight in the Vertex Super Cup Championship and competition so intense, it was a good opportunity at home to try and grab some extra passing points and attempt to close the gap to series leader 2nz Richie Taylor by starting from the rear in the Feature, with laps being reduced to 25 laps from 30, it was always going to be a challenge to keep the nose clean and stay patient on a track that was sure to run slick near the end.

With the 34t car also trying to take advantage of the rear start and a chance at some points it was set to be a good race. In a race that ran green with no cautions and the leaders stretching away out front and visibility low from dust I was extremely happy to bring the car home clean up to 10th over the finish line.
Unfortunately didnt gain any more points than what I would have for a Feature win and didnt get to take a trophy home. But was awesome to test myself and put on a show for our fans that are always out to support us and give it a go anyway!

Extremely happy to come away with the round win in round 4 of the Vertex Super Cup and close the gap to the leader in the series. Cant wait for the next round in Nelson as this series has set up one awesome climax to the end of the season with the top 3 drivers only covered by 42.5 points!
After winning the nationals this year in my first season competing in Super Saloons, it would be absolutely unreal and rewarding to finish top of a series that rewards a mix of consistency, aggression & patience within a driver. We will fight every lap until the very end thats for sure.

Cheers PD

From Ian Burson

Post Meeting Report By 21n Ian Burson

G day team. Well ,feature winner for round 4 of vertex cup!
It started out a good night finishing 2nd from grid 6 in race 1. Then I thought sweet grid 3 we will be fairly right for this one BUT it wasn't to be 21n went backwards opps blame your tools blame your crew but it wasn't any of those, the bloody driver let the team down in this 1 being too casual and no A game under the helmet. So finished 7 which was a pain but that's what you get when you take things for granted.

Last heat race we moved forward from grid 10 and made the top 8 shootout. Started 8 and basically got smoked to be honest so ended up grid 8 for feature. I went back to the pits muttering to myself and thinking what the god dam am I doing , it maybe my last race in this beast I better pull my finger out.

Going into the feature with a good mind set and a goal that we have achieved many times before ,was too keep in on a part of a track no one else was using and that's what we did. Terrorising the pole line lap after lap and it finally came right passing cars flat out. We got to the last 2 cars 1 being fluffy and 2 being terry . I managed to nab fluffy about 3/4 race leaving terry to go. He had a good lead on us but could see he was getting slower and our chariot was getting faster. We had a few laps to go and managed to get terry with a lap and a half to go. You beauty mission accomplished I have got my feature flag for the man shed yippee. Um now to get the man shed lol.

Finally our night ended with some awesome but sad at the same time sort of news. 21n was sold. It's been an awesome car and only missed 1 title that every speedway competitor aims for 1nz. I'm am proud of what our team has accomplished over the past 6 seasons and hope the car performs just as well as 21t. To the vertex boys/lady's I will leave you in piece this season and please behave I will be watching and giving my 2 cents worth if needed lol. I wish you all the best it's an awesome series to be part off and I will be bringing my A game -25 kgs to next season. I'm sorry to dribble on so much but I miss it all already. Keep it mean but keep it clean.🏁👍 cheers burs 21n